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Web Design VS Graphic Design : Why being confused?

Some people are still confused about choosing their career whether in Graphic Design or Web Design. Gain some knowledge about the fields from us.

In this digital world, some people are still confused among the terms Graphic Design and Web Design.

I’m here providing you with some information among the differences between these two terms. The important and very first point of concern is that we must have the basic knowledge about any field which we want to jump in.

Most people think “designing” word attached to anything make everything similar, but it’s not like that.

Graphic designing is all about the visuals, not just the images but every type of visual like posters, typography, banners, info-graphics, etc. which are going to convey some information about something. This field in simple terms is all about representing some kind of information in the form of visuals. It also involves a piece of good news for the students and people who are from IT field and innovative but hates the programming part. It is completely free from coding.

Now, moving on to the Web Designing. It also includes creating the graphics, typography, images, etc but the difference is that it combines the usage of the World Wide Web. Web designer also has one advantage over graphic designers as they can also turn their designs into a working website which boost your confidence to learn the basics of web designing. The very basics of the web designing comprise of the HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

This above information gives the fundamental idea about the fields. Hope that it will be helpful for you.


2 thoughts on “Web Design VS Graphic Design : Why being confused?”

  1. I just could hardly abandon your blog before recommending it to some of my friends. Nice info. Thought that those geeky engineers did everything. Never knew designing has so many branches. Read your Augmented reality blog as well. Good website.

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